You Can Lose Your Health to Heroin

The financial burden of heroin abuse is staggering. Not only do users spend up to $200 a day on obtaining the substance but crime rates, incarceration, and many other issues associated with the drug are costing the country a fortune every year. However,’s recent study also highlights the ways in which heroin use could cost an individual their health, which is just as serious.

In the short-term, heroin use causes constipation, dry mouth, and confusion, but anyone who uses the drug—even once—is in danger of overdose. What’s more, the use of fentanyl (a more potent opioid often utilized to cut the drug) is seriously increasing the number of overdose deaths caused by this substance. In short, heroin could potentially cost you your life, even if you are using it for the very first time.

In most cases, long-term users see serious side effects affecting their health, and these are not just located to one part of the body. People can experience malnutrition and severe weight loss, fertility issues, kidney damage, respiratory problems, and a weakened immune system all because of heroin abuse. Gum disease is another potential outcome, and most people who use heroin for years develop some sort of cancer. It is also very likely that you will contract a transmittable disease, either through the sharing of needles or dangerous sexual practices while under the influence. These diseases can include hepatitis C and HIV/AIDS.

Finally, many people experience psychological and cognitive damage when they use this drug for a long period of time. Eventually, one’s memory becomes impaired, and they can no longer think rationally or clearly. In addition, people are expected to have serious anxiety and/or depression as a result of using heroin, which often balloons into a fully developed mental disorder. This all says nothing of addiction and dependence, which are extremely likely to occur as a result of substance abuse. Those who take the drug more than once are in serious danger of becoming addicted, simply because it is so incredibly potent.

You could be so focused on what heroin is taking from you financially that you may not have realized the toll it is taking on your health. A drug that is this addictive and powerful can ruin many facets of your brain and body to the point where the effects are no longer reversible. If you have never considered this possibility, now is the time to do so.

If you are ready to seek help, you may be wondering about the first step in the journey of recovery. Heroin detox can allow you to safely withdraw from the drug or become stabilized on doctor-recommended, maintenance medication. After this, you can begin your treatment regimen and learn to live without the drug. This is a safe, effective alternative to using, and it will allow you to keep your health in the face of heroin addiction. In truth, it is the best choice you can make to protect yourself from your substance use disorder.